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2016-01-07 11:21 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: ABOUT

🔒 semi-friends locked 🔒

this is a personal dreamwidth journal for icie.

I will mostly be talking about rl stuff I imagine, including venting things.
some posts will be public and feel free to drop by those no matter who you are, I totally welcome meeting new people!

leave a comment for access 🔓

I am also available on:
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2017-01-25 05:38 pm

Warm fuzzies box

I'll make this cute sometime but idea is just say a couple of nice things, possibly about me. Comments are screened, anon is on I think?
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2016-07-22 02:31 pm


So, as we all know this is a promptless round. Which means that if you wanna bait me you've gotta do it directly. This is the place to do that!

Be as vague or as specific as you want, and no promises because really, I hardly ever end up making what I want to make, much less other people. But spin the wheel, put in a comment!

Anon is on (once I go turn it on) so prompt whatever thing your heart desires.

I like:
- body horror
- oikawa
- kuroo
- furuya
- cats